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Type , Status Location Sub Location Price 3,400,000 BWP Land Size in Hectare2570

Property Description

BOTSWANA PULA – 3 400 000-00 (AS ON 30 AUGUST 2022)

US DOLLAR  ± 270 000-00 (AS ON 30 AUGUST 2022)

SOUTH AFRICAN RAND  4 500 000-00 


Looking for an experience of a lifetime, be part of the magnificent Botswana Tuli Block.

The share can be subdivided into a maximum of 4 owners.

Property Description

Shashe farm is a 2570 hectare private game farm situated in the Northern Tuli Game Reserve. The

Northern Tuli Game reserve has an area of 70000 hectare with no fences between the various farms.

The farm has the Tuli Circle as its northern boundary and Shashe River as its eastern boundary.

There are also other rivers and springs on the farm that hold water year-round.

No hunting is allowed; hence this opportunity will not be of interest to anyone looking for a hunting lodge.

Camp Description

Megwe camp was built in 1998 and opened its doors for occupation in 1999. The lodge is nestled into

a dry river bed and is surrounded by large trees, creating a cool environment for the camp during the

hot summer months.

Megwe Camp consists of:

A central facility that includes a modern and fully equipped kitchen, outside dining area, fire

place, small library, inside lounge and outside lounging areas, storage area and storage lockers for shareholders.

Four chalets each consisting of an en-suite bedroom, equalling a total of 8 beds.

Garage, parking and workshop facilities.

Staff quarters.

As the shareholders wish to create a true bush environment and be environmentally responsible as

possible the reticulation of electricity is limited. The electricity is generated by a solar system and

facilitates the operation of the bore hole pump, deep freeze, refrigerator and fans in the bedrooms

only. No further electrical reticulation is allowed, subject to unanimous approval by shareholders.

Being a private camp with such low occupancies, Megwe is a self-catering lodge. Shareholders are

responsible for bringing all their own food and drinks with them for the duration of their stay. There are

possibilities of ordering food from shops in the extended area and having it delivered to the lodge but

most shareholders prefer to do their own shopping before travelling to the farm. The lodge is

equipped with a Toyota Landcruiser Game Drive vehicle for the shareholders’ use, but shareholders

also keep their private game viewing vehicles at the lodge.


large herds of free-roaming eland, zebra, kudu, impala, giraffe, elephants and wildebeest are

seen regularly and many other plains and smaller game are also found in the area. Lion, hyena,

leopards and cheetah also regularly frequent the farm. The variety of habitats ensure extensive

bird life


Shashe farm is owned by a Botswana registered company, Shashe River Enterprises (Pty) Ltd.

Shashe River Enterprises is in turn fully owned by a South African registered company, Lagonda Investments (Pty) Ltd.

There are two camps on Shashe farm, Shashe camp which has 7 shareholders and Megwe camp

which has 6 shareholders. The operation of Lagonda is regulated by a Shareholders Agreement.

When purchasing a share in either camp a Lagonda share certificate is issued to the owner. The

Megwe and Shashe camp are physically 5 kM apart and operated totally independently of each other.

There are 6 equal shares in Megwe camp and the camp is for the exclusive use of the shareholders

and their guests only. There are no commercial operations and this is not a timeshare. Shareholders

are entitled to visit the farm as often as they like and there has never been a problem with a shortage

of accommodation. The lodge has an occupation of approximately only 50% per annum. The shares

can be held by an individual or their respective company or trust. Each share must have a nominated

user which needs to be a natural person to prevent misuse. The only limitation is that shareholders

may not bring a group of more than 8 people other than by special permission for a special function.

There is currently a share available in Megwe at a price of R4 500000.00. The last share traded in

February 2017 for R4 000,000.00. This price excludes any transfer duties, VAT, attorney fees and/or

any other costs related to the purchase. The share can be subdivided into a maximum of 4 owners.

This value is determined by a number of factors including, but not limited to, the values of the land,

lodge buildings, sundry assets such as vehicles, company investment and return on investment,

traversing rights and access to airfields as well as the overall management of the farm.

Security / Risk on the land

The land is unencumbered and thus there is no risk in investing. The share will be transferred into

your name or holding institution, company or trust at the time of payment. The land is not to be used

as any sort of surety and no bonds will be registered over the land. Therefore there is no risk in the

investment and once you have paid, you will have a tradable asset should you wish to on-sell at any

time. Funding the lodge and farm operations are funded by shareholders monthly levies.


Megwe has a manager residing at the farm. The manager reports to the Executive Committee, which

is made up of shareholders appointed by vote at the AGM each year.



Price is subject to change without notice

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