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Type , Status Location Sub Location Price Land Size in Hectare2200Land Size in Acres5500

Property Description



The properties consist largely of the Waterberg – sour and mixed Highveld (plateau), with beautiful gorges, valleys and mountain landscapes 360 degrees around.

The property is game fenced in totality with P3 and WR Buffalo exemption certificates.

There are currently inner electric game camps inside. Camps that were mainly used for intensive game breeding and sheep farming.

The main homestead, which includes – Main house  also manager 1 & 2 houses,  lodge camp, staff house, outbuildings and stores, is also game-proof fenced , provided with 3 entrance gates, of which 2 at the main house are equipped with  sliding gates.

There are very effective and well-designed built flood drains installed in the fences where water currents leave the properties.


There are four boreholes, of which two are equipped with submersible pumps, with ESKOM electricity supply and two are not equipped reserve boreholes. These sources provide in all domestic water supply as well as game drinking and garden irrigation purposes on the properties.

There is a cement dam with a capacity of ± 70 m³, as well as 2 x 4500I PVC – water tanks on steel stands, which supply water to all the buildings, the three dwellings, the camp and gardens at the main homesteads and labourers. The dam is also equipped with a 7.5 kW electric motor with centrifugal pump.

There is a further 1 x 5000l PVC water tank for the self-catering guest house.

There is also a scenic large earthen dam with well-built earthen wall and outlet, ±5ha. That dam has never been dry in the last 21 years. Stocked with tilapia and bass.

A small earthen dam (retains water 8 months of the year) and cement dam fed by a natural fountain.

Several fountains and water streams spring up on the property, 2 of which run continuously throughout the year. Favourable for irrigation.

There are numerous seasonal streams but for the springs, with rock pools and aesthetic features in the gorges and valley thickets.


The property is located in summer rainfall area with annual rainfall of 550- 780mm.


The property falls within the Waterberg Bushveld complex and has hot summers with a high Pan “A” evaporation rate, and cool winters


The topography of the property is predominantly undulating plateau area, with mountain landscape, tremendous 360 degree vistas, gorges and valleys with rock pools to the southern and southwestern borders. A well balanced Waterberg farm with high carrying capacity


The property is located approximately 30km north-west of Nylstroom (Modimolle) with a portion on tarred and gravel road, and accessibility to the property is good via servitude of right-of-way from the gravel road. One of the huge assets of this property that it is an inside farm not bordering any main roads.


 * Eskom electricity supply is available on the property.

* Roads and infrastructure compare very well with other districts.

* Nylstroom (Modimolle) is the nearest large business centre at the service of the subject properties, and has a Police Office, Post Office, Churches, schools, medical services and secondary businesses.


 The property is suitable as a lifestyle property, Eco-tourism, hunting, fishing, and game breeding cum intensive game farming and is also suitable for sheep and cattle farming. Irrigation farming on certain parts possible.

Regarding Eco-tourism, the property has been developed into an exclusive hunting and holiday farm, measuring hiking, mountain biking trails, fishing, bird watching and photographic safaris, among others.

There is a fully equipped Safari Lodge, equipped with accommodation facilities for 12 people, as well as a self-catering guest house that also accommodates 13 people, both with all the relevant facilities.


Main house 1:

Built of brick, cement and wood, in double storey format, with thatched roof, Transvaal Beech- as well as cement floors with ceramic tile floor covering, provided with water and electricity and consisting of: An open veranda with thatched roof resting on 7vt. Rhodesian Teak sleepers; The front door (also Rhodesian Teak sleepers) gives access to an entrance hall in a spacious rondawel room that serves as an informal lounge and trophy showroom; An office area, equipped with a solid Wild fig wood counter with a hood made of Tamboti wood, as well as a Jetmaster fireplace. Dining room features a sliding glass door that opens onto the lapa. Kitchen, equipped with solid beech wood cabinets, breakfast nook and buffet with curtain hoods and window frames of the same wood, Defy 425 glass top stove with bottom oven, a sink area provided with a double stainless steel sink and beech wood cabinets. From the dining room, access is granted to a bedroom with air-conditioning, equipped with a bath, basin, toilet and shower, with sliding door, bath frame and floor made of Transvaal Beech, attached outside shower and toilet; 2nd bedroom, equipped with built-in cupboards, worktop, mirror, all with Transvaal Beech finish. A staircase made of Transvaal Beech and Rhodesian Teak wood gives access to the 1st floor, consisting of: A sitting / living room; Master bedroom, equipped with built-in cupboards, shelves and corner mirror table (Transvaal Beech), en-suite bathroom with shower, bath and toilet, basin with “Vanity” cupboard, large dressing room with 7 full length Transvaal Beech cupboards and 6 half-length Transvaal Beech cupboards with table top; 3rd Bedroom completely constructed and finished with Transvaal Beech  panels. Equipped with a lightning conductor. The total floor area of ​​the house is ± 382m2

Adjacent to the dwelling is a lapa, built of cement in stone, plastered with a mock-rock finish, thatched roof with treated poles, cement floor, aluminium sliding windows overlooking the pool and garden, and consisting of: A sunken seat / lounge area equipped with built-in sitting benches (Rhodesian Kia wood), central Jetmaster fireplace, braai area with tiled serving top, as well as an adjoining dining room. An under-roofed area connects the house with the lapa. The total floor area of ​​the lapa is ± 81 m2.

Separate to the house is a swimming pool, equipped with a solar heating system, as well as a grass umbrella with a beautiful garden around it.

Separate from the house is a thatched carport, built of cement, stone, treated poles with ground floor. Parking for 2 vehicles. The area of ​​the canopy is ± 67 m2

Main dwelling house 2: (OWNERS RETREAT)

Modern building of face brick, cement, wood and thatched roof. Features an open-plan sitting / living area, dining area and kitchen with separate sink unit, and outside sitting area, cemcrete porch that runs around the house. The living area has large aluminium sliding doors to porch on both sides. The kitchen is fully equipped with Melamine kitchen cabinets, granite top, Defy oven and top stove. The rest of the house flows into unity with Melamine built-in cupboards. The house has 2 bedrooms, with fitted wardrobes, air conditioning and 2 bathrooms. The guest bathroom is equipped with a shower, granite basin and toilet. The main bedroom has an en-suite bathroom, with a bath, shower, double granite basin and toilet as well as an outside shower. The whole house is done with cemcrete. Equipped with a lightning conductor. Outside staff toilet, attached to house. Separately there is a 10 000l PVC water tank on a cement sheet with pressure pump. Separate from the house is a carport, neatly built with treated poles with a wooden pole and zinc roof and ground floor. Parking for 2 vehicles. The area of ​​the house alone is ± 271 m2.

Dining room, bar and kitchen, built of brick, cement, wood with thatched roof, all done in cemcrete. Equipped with x 3 large Aluminium folding doors, various concealed lighting, the bar area equipped with Transvaal Beech. The tables, chairs and serving area also of Transvaal Beech. The sitting area has a built-in Fireplace. The kitchen is fully equipped for serving, double stainless steel sink, water filtration system, stainless steel processing table with under shelves, with a walk-in pantry and walk-in cold room and lock-up storage room. Cold and hot water equipped with gas geyser. Large gas stove with electric oven.

vii. 4 Gas bottles in certified safety casing, gas supply for kitchen stove and gas Geyser.

viii. Separate ablution facilities for men and women, built of cement and stone, plastered with Mock-Rock effect, thatched roofs, oxide-coloured cement floors, provided with water and electricity, lighting, with toilet and basin. Mountain storage room with built-in safe that previously served as a shower. The area of ​​the buildings is ± 30 m2.

  1. Hunting Camp Swimming pool, equipped with a solar heating system as well as grass umbrellas and sun garden chairs with garden around them.

Outside Boma, braai area surrounded by wooden poles and cement benches with matching pillows.

Shooting range, 100m

Bowls court, sandpit used for bowls

Office / Storage, built with cement and stone, plastered with Mock-Rock effect, thatched roof, oxide-coloured cement floor.

Children Jungle-Gym, consists of treated wooden poles, climbing frame and swing.

Built of stone, cement, partially plastered, thatched roof and wooden and cement floors with slate and ceramic tile floor covering, provided with water and electricity, hot and cold water, burglar bars and consisting of: Sitting / living room with Transvaal Beech cupboards. Kitchen, equipped with Transvaal Beech cupboards, two rooms with Transvaal Beech cupboards and master bedroom also equipped with Transvaal Beech cupboards. Two bathrooms: 1 with bath, basin and toilet, the other with shower, bath, basin and toilet. Large vegetable garden with irrigation, as well as several fruit trees; Mango, Guava, Narcissus and Lemon trees. The yard is fully fenced and equipped with a lightning conductor. House is currently under construction. The area of ​​the house is ± 240 m2. Separate from the house is a thatched carport, built of treated poles with ground floor and attic area. Parking for 2 vehicles.

5  X Chalets, all similar in shape, built with cement and stone, plastered with Mock-Rock effect, thatched roofs, oxide-coloured cement floors, provided with water and electricity and consisting of a sitting / sleeping room and bathroom with shower, toilet and basin. All furniture and interior finishes, as well as the door and window sills are made of Transvaal Beech and of exceptional quality. There are 2 x 3-bed chalets each with an area of ​​± 48 m2 and 3 x 2-bed chalets each with an area of ​​± 37 m2

4 X Double carport, built of tree stumps, treated poles with a wooden pole roof, open angular with ground floor. Its area is ± 72 m2

Separate Chalet / storage / office, built of cement and stone, with thatched roof and cement floor, provided with water, geyser and electricity and consists of two single rooms each with its own outside door. The area of ​​the building is ± 46 m2

Outbuildings and stores consisting of the following:

General storage, building of cement and stone, steel trusses and columns, IBR zinc roof, cement floors, supplied with water and heavy-duty electricity and consisting of: The main storage section, provided with 5m high double zinc and steel sliding door, workshop, spare room (then lockable) with attic (storage area), its storage with separate entrance. Adjacent is a rest / dining room as well as ablution facilities with flush toilet and laundry room. Also adjoining is a furnished meat processing room, equipped with equipment such as meat saws, stainless steel tables, grinding machines, biltong dryers, cement table with tiled top, middle floor steel meat heel for hanging and slamming, a heavy duty steel slide with x2 hoist pulley (2 ton) for the introduction and handling of carcasses, a properly insulated freezer with a working temperature of -40 ֯ C, as well as an adjoining cold room with 3 glass doors and equipped with meat heels, with a total capacity of 11 m3. The whole of the room is properly sealed with insect repellent gauze. Adjacent is a canopy of steel columns, steel trusses and flat corrugated iron roof, partly cement floor (the rest ground floor), serves as a washing area for vehicles. Adjacent to the store is 2 x 2200l connected to each other on steel structure. Diesel tanks. The total area of ​​the building is ± 525 m2 (with canopies of ± 95 m2)

Salt and skin room, built of cement stone, IBR zinc roof, cement floor and provided with electricity. The area of ​​the building is ± 25 m2.

Steel barn, built of steel columns and trusses, IBR zinc roof, steel and IBR zinc sides with 5 m high double sliding doors and ground floor, where the storage of feed, rock salt and feed licks is stored. The area of ​​the building is ± 148 m2

Canopies, built of treated poles and steel frames, IBR corrugated iron roof and ground floor. The area of ​​this is ± 72 m2

Workers housing consisting of:

Single quarters, built of prefabricated asbestos, IBR zinc roof and cement floors, provided with water and electricity, hot and cold water, and consisting of 2 rooms each with a door that opens onto a covered porch, as well as a separate shower, toilet and hand basin. The area of ​​the building is ± 45 m2

Workers’ house, built of cement, IBR corrugated iron roof, steel roofs, cement floor, provided with electricity, and consisting of 2 rooms with a single door that opens onto an open cement veranda. Adjacent to the house there is a cooking screen of treated poles with zinc sides, zinc roof and ground floor. The total area of ​​the building is ± 28 m2

Workers’ house, built of cement to brick with zinc roof, cement floors, provided with water and electricity, hot and cold water, and consisting of 4 rooms each with a door that opens onto a lower porch roof (with ground floor), as well as separate shower, toilet and sink. At the front, also built of cement stone with a corrugated iron roof on treated wooden poles, there is an open cooking screen with cement floor. The total area of ​​the building is ± 100 m2

Separate workers ablution block, consists of 5 showers and 5 flush toilets, equipped with water pipes on roof for hot water.

Self-catering Guest House: Built of cement and stone, stone, partially plastered, thatched roof, cement floors with ceramic tile floors and large Marandi wooden windows and door overlooking patio area, provided with water and electricity, hot and cold water, and consisting of: A basement thatched porch with access via a heavy-duty beech wood front door with matching frames; sitting / dining room with false built-in stone / tile fireplace; Open plan kitchen with a huge control hatch / breakfast table as well as built-in kitchen cupboards (all made of Transvaal Beech), 3 plate Frigidaire electric stove with bottom oven, adjoining sink kitchen with double stainless steel sink, under sink cupboards and single 2-door cupboard (also all from Top cupboard) ); There are 4 bedrooms, each equipped with built-in beech cabinets; Separate bathroom provided with bath, toilet and basin, under basin cupboard and wall cupboard (all of Transvaal Beech); 2nd bathroom provided with glazed tiles to ceiling height, shower, toilet and basin. The house is also equipped with a ± 30 m high lightning conductor. The floor area of ​​the house is ± 250 m2

Separate from the house under shady trees is a Boma, built of wooden poles with ground floor and furnished as a braai area, four-in-one children wave. There is a further outdoor braai area, built of cement and stone. There is also a tank room built of stone and cement with a 5000l PVC water tank on it.

Separate from the house is a shaded canopy, built of treated wooden poles and corrugated iron roof and 2 workers rooms. The total area of ​​the surface is ± 65m2. The whole of the yard is provided with an ordinary game-proof fence.


 ESKOM electricity supply, coming from four 50 KVA transformers.

Garden irrigation pump 7.5KW supplies Hunting Camp and Main House 1

Cattle / Wild drinking troughs ± 12.

Working and Non-working

Game camps Electric-game fencing for 11 camps (parts of which also provide electricity inside)

Roads network.

WIFI on-farm tower – provides free on-site WIFI with three access points.

Vehicles, Trailers and Implements:

* Toyota Quantum mini bus roadworthy

* Toyota VX Wild viewing vehicle Roadworthy

* Tractors x 2 Massey Ferguson

* Upload Facility working with hydraulic system

* 4 X trailers – 2 of which are roadworthy

* Brush cutter”

* Tractor drawn grader – One man up- with hydraulic system

* Game transport wagon – (3 to 6 compartment, double axel)

* Wood saw with electric motor for making wood.

* Fire fighters x3 – x2 ldv’s bin firefighters transport method x1 tractor trailer

* Generator 50KV standby– (For the entire property, except 1 borehole and self-catering


* Hammer mill on wheels.

* 3 Wild boar “hides” (Of which 1 is moveable on wheels). Day and night switch and solar


* 1 Fixed high sit “hide” consists of treated poles and wooden structure.

* 3 X Two way Radios and x 3 Hand radios x3 Vehicle radios (Low-bend) x3 Emergency

radios for fire / emergencies (Antennas connected to houses)

* 2 X solar panels (Provision for borehole pump)

A variety of dip equipment (Tick-off, Dip trays and Duncan applicators), Feed trays and Hay racks.

All loose goods from lodge, self-catering house and storage included

Estimate Number of game on Farm: (Average Game Auction prices of 2019)

  • 220 Blesbuck
  • 160 Blue Wildebeest
  • 30 Bushbuck
  • 30 Duiker
  • 110 Eland
  • 15 Giraffes
  • 30 Klipspringers
  • 80 Kudus
  • 5 Reedbucks
  • 30 Red reedbuck
  • 90 Impalas
  • 25 Red Hartebeest
  • 2 ½ Rhinos (Animals walk on a security reserve, on loan to Welgevonden- with

    agreement 50/50 on breeding)

  • 110 Zebras
  • 12 Ostriches
  • 70 Waterbuck
  • 35 Buffaloes
  • 7 Nyalas bulls
  • 65 Impalas (Black and Saddleback and Split)
  • 40 sable antelopes

Currently still the following camp systems:

  • 2 x 25 ha Camps
  • 2 x 1 ha Camp 1 x planted Waterberg grass mix.
  • 2 x 2 ha Camps
  • 3 x 0.5 ha Camps
  • 1 x 60 ha (Sheep camp with kraal, dip and weighing system. Divided into 6 camps for

intensive sheep farming).

  • 1 x 60 ha camp
  • 1 x 5 ha cultivated fields – Within an existing camp of 25ha
  • All camps have water supply with three JOJO tanks: 2 x 2500Lt & 1 x 10 000Lt
  • 10 camps join 2 Boma
  • 1 Boma is for small game, bordering 7 camps with upload facilities
  • 1 Boma -Buffalo resistant, equipped for large and small game, with loading facility and

adjacent to 5 camps with 2 holding cages (3 x 3m and 6 x 6m).

  • X4 Megs “Shock” Boxes

CAMP 1 AND 11 Wildebeest NOT INCLUDED.


Further excluded in sale: A list will be issued on inspection of the property.




Sellers mandated us to sell with the provision that Proof of Available funds be at hand before a visit.

There was a land claim on the property but Dept. of Land Reform and Rural Development , issued a certificate that the land claims were settled on the property. Document available!!