BSN01 – ± 3052 Ha – Namibia Outstanding Cattle and Game Farm – Namibia

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Type Location Sub Location Price Land Size in Hectare3052

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This magnificent property is located 99 km to the south-east of Hosea Kutako International Airport and 150 km from Windhoek. It is a mixed farming operation, keeping sheep, cattle and several species of game. It is also a super game breeding farm. The property of 3052 ha is well developed and is game fenced and jackal proof on all borders. The camp enclosing the farmstead is also game-fenced. The farm is subdivided into 9 camps with 4 x strong boreholes. Two boreholes have solar installations and the other two are fitted with submersible pumps. The deepest borehole is 42 meters and the capacity of the boreholes varies from 4m³ up to 30m³ per hour. The infrastructure is as neat as a pin and it is well designed and constructed. The farmhouse of 324 m² is newly built and comprises a 4- bedrooms with 2 bathrooms and an open plan design for the living and kitchen area. There is also a walk-in strong room for safe keeping of weapons, valuables and documents as well as an office. Two wel-built labour houses, each comprising 2 bedrooms, have been constructed. A large shed of 450m², houses the workshop, abattoir and cold room. Three phase electricity is provided by the national grid (NamPower). There are no servitudes registered on the property and no roads are crossing the property. The main farm road is gravelled and compacted. Cell phone reception is available everywhere on the farm. The topography is undulating providing an interesting and pleasant experience while driving through the farm. The vegetation can be described as open Kalahari bushveld with Camelthorn trees dominating the tree component. Other tree species such as Blinkblaar-wag-‘n-bietjie (Ziziphus mucronata), Vaalbos (Terminalia sericea), Koedoe bush (Combretum apiculatum) and Rooihaak (Acacia reficience) are also present. Swarthaak (Acacia melifera) is in some areas quite thick, but the current owner already started to eradicate these plants and about 1000 ha have been cleared already. Rosyntjiebos (Grewia spp.) is present in good numbers. The dominant grass species are Blinkaar boesmangrass (Stipagrostis uniplumis) and Eragrostis rigidior. Average rainfall is 350 mm per annum and the official carrying capacity is 12 ha per 1 livestock unit of 450 kg. Several game species are roaming freely on the property.

Game numbers are approximately as follows:

Kudu     130                                 Gemsbok (Oryx)      110                         Zebra (Burchell)                 60                      Eland       40              Waterbuck            50                          Impala    70                                  Springbuck              200                         Ostrich                                 60                      Hartebeest   70           Blesbuck              15                               Nyala        20                                       Giraffe                                 6                     Other species with unknown numbers include warthog, duiker, steenbok, aardvark, pangolin. Jackal, Caracal, cheetahs and leopard are the occurring predators.

The selling price, including all game, is  At a price of N$ 16,9 million  all game, 90 cows, 70 calves and 3 bulls plus all loose and movable items including a vehicle, quad bike, firefighting equipment, etc. are included as a going concern. Livestock can be sold separately to reduce price.

Possibility to increase size with time buying out some neighbours.

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