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Type Location Sub Location Price 5,500,000 BWP Land Size in Hectare900

Property Description

BWP 5 500 000-00 PER SHARE PLUS.(520 000-00 US$)


We invite investors to join us as owners of Botswanafarms .com and Tulifarms.com to be part of a low density syndicated 4300 Ha Tuli Elephant Walk Private Reserve. All fences will be down on the 4300 Ha (10 625 ACRES) with full traversing rights to be negotiated.

The bigger a share you buy the smaller the human foot print on the reserve-thus options to negotiate your investment starting from BWP 5, 5 Million (420 000-00 GBP; 465 000 EURO; 520 000-00 US$; as on 18 JULY 2019) Maximum six co-owners.

The game reserve will be managed and maintained for the owners on a need to pay only for real costs and maintenance budget- a minimum fee will be finalised at a final agreement stage.

Walk or drive with wild Tuli elephants is exactly what you can do on this reserve. Experienced guides will be arranged to give lessons on safety and human interaction with especially elephants in the wild.

We invite 4 more investors( including the commercial lodge stand site available) to join us in Tuli on walk with elephant’s ranch as two of the shares have already been reserved. Should you be willing to take up all 4 other shares for yourself and the family, you are most welcome to do so.

Come build your bush camp African style with thatched roofs, solar and gas supplied with your own waterhole next to your home where the animals can keep you busy day and night.

All ownership applications and infrastructure construction to be done in accordance with Botswana laws by Botswana lawyers and with written permission only.

One 10 GUEST EXCLUSIVE commercial lodge site available on a 1300 Ha share for 9, 5 million Botswana Pula (± 724 000-00 GBP; ± 800 000 Euros; 898 000-00 US$)

Should you be interested in shares in this property or in any other Botswana, Namibian or South African properties up to thousands of acres for your next project feel free to contact us.

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